Jul. 29th, 2016 11:21 pm
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Well, would you look at that.

I just stuck an END at the bottom of the short I want to submit to Lawless Lands. It's a weird western with werewolves, aliens, prehensile-tailed monkey clowns, and a circus. I am well pleased with it, though it's going to take a heavy polish before it's ready to go out the door. It's sitting at just under 4800 words. This will probably expand once I start digging into the meat of the thing. I write spare first drafts, yo.

Apparently I can still do this. Good to know. \o/
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I've been bashing my head against this story for awhile. It's basically Big Bad John in space with werewolves, because that's how I roll, and the more I listen to that and the sequel song, the more I think that John could have by-golly been a werewolf, because he was preternaturally strong and also survived a mine collapse, so, uh.

It comes to a little under 5500 words, and is in no way the shape I want it to be in. But it pleases me to stick an END at the bottom of the first non-flash piece I've written in a good long while, and maybe this will un-stick my Writer Brain enough that I can finally write my damned novel sequel.

Please and thank You, God.
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Sit down with the stories I haven't completed and figure out where they're going and why I haven't finished them. I have at least three on the front burner and Lord knows how many on the back burner. If I can finish most--or just some--of them this year, it'll be a very good year indeed. I need to stick them all in one folder and see just how many there are. I can think of six altogether off the top of my head that are relatively recent.

I should also at least stare at the novel sequel outline.

I actually finished today's project, a flash piece for a contest on a board I'm a member of. I'm pretty pleased with it, as it proves a couple of things to me:
1. I am not broken. I can still finish things.
2. I can whack words like nobody's business. It started at 915 words, and ended at 749. I may expand it later, but at this point I'm pretty happy with it. The limit for the contest was 750 words. Go, me!

However, right now my eyeballs are doing the sandpaper thing, which tells me it's bedtime.


Feb. 26th, 2015 10:51 pm
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I have stuck an END at the bottom of my Werewolf in Space story. It's still rougher than rough and starts in the exact wrong place and is also far longer than the six thousand words I'm allowed for the Thing I wrote it for, but the first draft is Done.

Also, that's two 2100-word days in a row.



Feb. 11th, 2015 10:23 pm
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I have just stuck an END at the bottom of the first draft of a new story, code-named "Vampire Romeo&Juliet." Three days at a NaNo pace, 5360 words, go, me.

I'm not quite on pace for what I wanted on the year, because the novels haven't been happening, but that's my second short in two months and it should be done by the end of February and out the door.
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I started writing this story at 1pm. I put an END at the bottom of it at 3:15pm. 1127 words, which is way more than the 750-word limit for the competition I wrote it for, but. I have a new Thing which I can now tinker into something awesome. I may hacksaw it for the competition and expand it for subbing. We'll see what I think once I've let it percolate for a little while.

I came up with the concept last night from one of the prompts for the competition, noodled it into a coherent story this morning, and then scribbled it this afternoon in a series of word wars. And I'm pretty pleased with it, overall. I think we'll code-name this one "lone wolf."


Dec. 16th, 2014 08:08 pm
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The story I'm writing for the Diabolical Plots call for subs has an END at the bottom! It comes in a little over 1500 words, which I may chop down so it also fits into Daily Science Fiction's guidelines, because there's no sense putting all my eggs in a single basket.

It makes me go "awww."

Now I just have to beat it into shape before the 31st.



Nov. 22nd, 2014 09:07 pm
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I have 2100 words on my day, an END at the bottom of the manuscript, and a little over 4600 words in the first draft of the robot bunny story.

My head hurts, but it was so worth it.

Tomorrow, I'll poke it and start making it suck less. For tonight, I rest on my laurels, satisfied that I will finish it by the deadline.


Oct. 1st, 2014 05:41 pm
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I sat down and banged out the rest of the Blurring the Line story today. I've got over 2600 words on my day, an END at the bottom of the page, and 3500 words to edit into a semblance of not sucking. This is a very rough first draft, but I am well pleased with it, and I have a whole month to bang it into shape before the deadline.



Jul. 27th, 2014 10:02 pm
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Finally, finally, finally. The nightmare story has an END at the bottom of its first draft, and there is much rejoicing. This was a really difficult story to write, out of my comfort zone on every possible count. It came in a smidge over 4100 words.

I hope it doesn't suck. I know I've said more than once that there's some nice writing here. Tomorrow, I'll start tearing into it and also send the Hubby off with a copy to peruse on his overnight.

But for now? I'm just going to... collapse.



Jun. 16th, 2014 08:34 pm
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I stuck an END at the bottom of the Baen story today. It came in at not quite 8400 words, which means I will need to whack 5% of out it in post. I scribbled 3700 words on the day, which may be some kind of record for me, and I did all of it in the car on the drive home from Colorado.

I still need a name for my [demon] and also one for the [McGuffin]. I will probably do that tomorrow.

My inboxes are cleared. That was fun. But, hey, only one rejection over the weekend. I'll flip that one to F&SF.

Waiting to hear back from my RP partner for the Tattoo Story, and then I can edit that and ship it off. I'll run the Baen story through a couple of edits before letting anyone see it, because it's rough right now. Once it's been judged I'll have more to say about it, but I don't want to put any tells where Larry can see them because it's supposed to be Sekrit.

But. I am making progress. It looks like I'll hit both deadlines. Yaaay.


May. 30th, 2014 02:34 pm
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The first draft of the tattoo story is in the can. It came in at 7100 words.

This is a problem, because my limit is 6000. I found an entire scene I can excise, but that only cuts about half of what I need to.

Oh well. I shall fix it in post, as they say, and just be happy that I have something to edit.


Mar. 20th, 2014 11:11 pm
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The story I've code-named "Mean Streets," which I'm banging out in hopes of getting in here, (finally) has an END at the bottom. The first draft comes in at about 3650 words.

Now I get to edit it into some semblance of not sucking.

At least I think I may have finally figured out what I want to say with it. Maybe.
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And, I reiterate: I am a terrible, terrible person. A little over 5100 words, so that's a good start. Now that it's roughed in, I can do all that worldbuilding that I handwaved the first time around.

I'll let it sit and percolate for awhile. For now, I'm going to do my biking, start my laundry, and stare at the Bitten Alex outline, which I still need to finish.

I've decided that, for this particular "NaNo Project," I'm just going to write five stories and call it good. I have three in the can now, Bitten Alex on tap, and another adventure for my spaceship crew in my brain hopper. That one has a hook but no plot.

So far, my writing year is going pretty well, after a somewhat rocky start.


Jan. 20th, 2014 01:14 pm
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Hell's Process Server has an END at the bottom of it! A hair under 5500 words, which is short for me. However, this thing will grow in re-writes, because it needs more description, but I still think it will stay under 6000, so I am well-pleased with it.

This marks my fourth story with angels in it. I'm sensing a trend in my writing of writing stories that no one will buy, ever, but I don't think it's a bad thing. Maybe I'll be That Werewolf and Angel Writer.


Jan. 15th, 2014 04:23 pm
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So, here we are five days into the (rebooted) NaNo Project o'Doom, and I have an END at the bottom of my first story.

8500 words (or so) of Time-Traveling Ben, which also gives me my second (of five) goal of the day. There's a lot that needs to be Fixed in Post (such as what I'm actually trying to say in the damn thing), but this is what edits are for.

On to the next!
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At the bottom of this Terribad Story.

Considering the fact that I just started it yesterday and this may be the first you've heard of it unless you follow me on Twitter, this is quite an accomplishment. It comes in at 830 words, doesn't have a title yet, and needs editing to make it actually bad.

I was going to tell y'all what it involves, but, you know what? You're better off not knowing. I'll just be over here, headdesking and ashamed of myself.
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At the bottom of the Cyborg Werewolf story.

Now I get to edit the damn thing into something that doesn't SUCK.
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At the bottom of my fifth story in the June NaNo Project o'Doom. This one clocks in at 8958 and leaves me 161 short of the "1700 per day" goal.

And it's going to require a lot of fixing in post. I was 3600 words in when I realized it wouldn't work in first person, so it switches to third person. And I'm not real sure my protag is who it started out to be.

But. The first draft is done. At this point, that's all I care about.
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At the bottom of another short story. It came in at slightly under 7000 words, and puts me at 29,981 on the month so far. I am well pleased. This is my fourth on the project.

And now I get to decide what the fifth is. But I will do that after I've walked around for a bit and perhaps found a dessert or something.

Well. I guess I don't have a tag for this story. *makes one*

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