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So much on the writing plate. And I should also take care of my family. If I have to. I guess. :p

  • Grass the pigs. (Not that kind of grass, you weirdos.)
  • Go grocery shopping.
  • Wash the sheets & remake the bed.
  • More novel outline. Clearly I should have a scene where Ben is kidnapped and tied to something, because that's how I roll. And, oh, God, what does Megan want...
  • Work on the rewrite request I got from this market I desperately want to crack. Yeah, the worldbuilding in this thing is weak. I can fix that!
  • Beta reading my Writing Budddy's Thing.
  • Beta reading this Other Thing.

Keeping my inboxes clear is an ongoing project. The one I care about is clear. The one I use for commercial crap is clear. Now I just need to clear the social media one.

The good news is that I added a new card to my novel outline this morning, very first thing. And... Oooooooooooh... *cue evil laughter* *adds another card*

I am diabolically brilliant. It's fortunate that I use my powers for good.
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Today, I have:

Paid my bills
Printed out my business cards
Gotten groceries
Gone to the bank
Gotten the windshield replaced in the PT Cruiser
Gotten the alternator replaced in the Challenger
Programmed my DVR
Picked up my Deadpool bluray
Picked up the copy of Locus Magazine that I'm in

I've also worked on edits on the WotF24hour story. I'm much happier with it, as my protag really needed an onscreen epiphany rather than having it just hinted at. I have printed out the stories for the writers' workshop as well, but I haven't dived into those just yet.

I've changed my hotel reservation from arrival Thursday to arrival Friday (saving me $140), and made flight reservations. I will check the loads Thursday night and decide if I'm actually going to fly out (Oh, God, I hope so, I do not want to drive 8 hours up and 8 hours back, plus it saves me gas money).

I still need to clean two bathrooms, get the PT Cruiser actually inspected (which I will do Wednesday, since it's Free Sticker day at the inspection place), and pack. Packing entails digging out the Butcher and Rothfuss books I want signed in this go-round.

But hey. I've done good work today. Maybe I should sit back and relax with a bad werewolf movie or a good Tollywood flick...
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Read and rate Weekend Warrior stories.

Edit my own WW story with the ending the Hubby suggested, because it is awesome. Ha. I like this much better.

Check to see if anyone besides Digital Horror opened for subs today, because I have three novelettes still looking for homes.
After a giant pain-in-the-ass process because gmail is a butthole, I managed to sub one of those novelettes. Yay. Now I have 30 subs out.

Write 1000 new words (or get to an END, whichever comes first) in one of my WIPs.

At least stare in befuddlement at this damned novel outline.

Also, today is payday, and that means a trip to the bank and also Best Buy, because BB is having a sale on "The Man from UNCLE" on bluray for $9.99.
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And I actually crossed everything off it. I am stunned.

I edited two stories to the point where they were ready to be submitted. And I have subbed them both.

I subbed eight stories total today.

I went to the bank and the grocery store.

I thanked folks on Facebook.

I thanked folks on LJ.

I posted an announcement on the writing group I'm in on DreamWidth.

I did two roleplay tags.

There were other things in there as well, but that was most of it. Go, me.

I should probably write some actual fiction today.
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Craft project.
Feed my family.

and WRITE. I am by-God going to finish this first draft today and beat it into shape enough that I can send it off with the Hubby when he goes on his trip Monday without feeling terrible that I gave him a piece of crap. My deadline is coming up fast and I am determined to hit it.

I just wonder how many pop-culture references to robots I can cram into this thing and not get in trouble. The handsome and hardworking [ profile] jimhines seems to have gotten away with all kinds of references for his Libriomancer series...
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Because I like crossing things off them.

  • Bike
  • Laundry
  • Shower
  • Feed my family (I'm thinking pizza)
  • Make sure Boy vacuums tonight
  • 2000 words in I Am the Abyss
    (because small bites are less intimidating that large chunks)

Well. That's a short list. Guess I'll get on it...
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Because lists like this keep me accountable. I don't always get to cross everything off, but at least I have something to look at so I know what needs to be done. Some of this is left over from yesterday.

  • Update RP activity logs. I am woefully behind on this, and I want to close those damn tabs.
  • Write 1000 words in the Fleasel story.
  • Write 1000 words in the Hitman in Hell story.
  • Clean the dog's crate and wash her blankets.
  • Shower and get dressed. Shut up, yes, it belongs on the list.

I may or may not have news on the novel front soon. Cross your fingers for me. Let's just say that SLComicCon opened a door for me, and I've walked through it. We'll see what's on the other side.
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I've already knocked a few things off it, but let's see what we have left, shall we...

  • Get dressed. Yes, some days this is an accomplishment.
  • Clean my toilets.
  • Clip my nails so I can actually type.
  • Write 1000 words in the Hitman in Hell story. Well. I got 400. That's progress.
  • Write 1000 words in the Fleasel story.
  • Empty my dishwasher.
  • Huck all the crap from the convention downstairs.
  • Update my RP activity logs. They've gotten away from me yet again.
  • Stare at the Submission Grinder as if I can make responses come in faster with my Psychic Powers.
  • Feed my family. Yes, some days this is also an accomplishment.

...that's doable. Right?
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So far I have:
Prepped and mailed a fiction sub
Showered (yes, some days this is an accomplishment)
Gotten half the grocery shopping done
Emptied the dishwasher & put the dirty dishes in
Dealt with administrata related to submissions spreadsheet
Cut my nails because they were interfering with my typing

Plan for the rest of the day includes:
Feeding the Hubby and myself
Watching a couple of eps of "My Own Worst Enemy" (these three will take place all at once)
An hour of writing a New Thing
An hour of revision on an Old Thing
Reading the rest of the story a friend sent me & giving him feedback

Also, it helps, when making a blog post, to be logged in as myself rather than as [ profile] dogeat_underdog.
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  • bike
  • laundry
  • write at least a thousand words of new fiction
  • add edits to tattoo story
  • add my part of the collaborative story; it's my turn
  • do my other RP tags, because damn
  • feed my family
  • decide if I'm going to Colorado with Hubby and Boy. On the one hand, I will feel guilty if I don't. On the other, I don't like being guilted into going. Decisions. Guilt rays win.
  • clean litterbox
  • somewhere in there, I should shower and cut my nails
  • cut words from the tattoo story to get it back under 6K
  • flip Mean Streets

Well. Those things will not do themselves, will they.
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Finish the first draft of the tattoo story. I'm at the climax right now.

See if I can re-work Hell's Process Server so the spec element is obvious from the first page.

Update my RP activity logs.

Tag this character.

Broken down like that, it doesn't seem like much. I can totally do it!

Busy day!

Oct. 21st, 2013 03:50 pm
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Today I found out about a reprint anthology that wants science fiction stories by women. Huh, sez I, I have three of those.

So I spent most of the day re-reading "The Affairs of Dragons" and "Fortunes of Soldiers" to make sure that (a) I still like them, and (b) they don't have anything egregiously wrong with them. After all, I wrote both of those years ago, and things have changed a bit.

Turns out that other than some formatting issues in "Soldiers" and a spot in "Dragons" where Brad is looking over Charlie's shoulder instead of peeking out from behind his knees, they're good to go.

Then I checked my contract for "Sensory Overload" and found out that Plasma Frequency's exclusive runs out in February. Since this anthology won't be published until late 2014, I'm free to send that one along as well. Therefore, I'll be poking through it to make sure it's all right. Then I'll just send all three along to the antho. I'll need a more extensive cover letter for this project.

I also got my contract and proofs from World Weaver Press for "Bear Essentials," and I got the contract signed and scanned and read the proof. It's now back on the editor's desk and will see publication in April. It will be my second published story in the ongoing series outlining the adventures of the intrepid crew of the Inquisitive Tamandua. Yes, I named the ship after an anteater. Hush.

I've also done my half hour on the bike. Now I need to shower. We get paid today, and our liquor supply is depressingly low, so a trip to the package store is also in order, along with a trip to the grocery store to pick up a few things.

WHEE. Holy cow, so busy.
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So, I'm dinking around Yahoo Answers today (as one does), and some kid is lamenting the fact that he might have to get a real job while he works on the dream of becoming a fantasy novelist.

Well, yes. Starving in a garret is only romantic if you're not the one starving, and if you don't think about it too hard. Suck it up, sunshine, and welcome to the real world. I wasn't quite that brutal in my answer, but there is Dream, and there is Reality, and making the two come together is Hard Work.

I then detailed my to-do list for the foreseeable future:
1. Graphics worksheet, bio, photo, and a bunch of other stuff for "That Which Is Hidden." Due, well, tomorrow.

2. Synopsis for Sold Soul to send to a place that apparently thinks "write us a synopsis" is easier than "send us the manuscript and don't worry about the formatting."

3. Edits on Cyborg Werewolf. This one needs a rewrite from the ground up from midway through the story. Fun stuff. That's due at the end of the month. Oh, look, it's October.

4. Outline the rest of Angry Bitter Angel. Then write it. Am I a novelist? No, I am not. Do I have any earthly idea what's supposed to happen in my putative Act Two? No, I do not. Awesome.

5. (Backburnered.) Finish the synopsis for not!KKBB/IM, revamp the query, and start sending that damn thing out again.

That's just the writing plate, and it's assuming I don't get any rejections I need to flip today. Look full to you? Yeah, it looks full to me too. But I also have other responsibilities.
1. Today is Laundry Day. Whee.

2. It's a school day. I have to keep the Boy on task while we do that.

3. Somewhere in there, I need to feed my family.

4. Since the Hubby is going to work tomorrow, I have to make sure the house is vacuumed. White pets + black work pants = unmixy.

5. Half hour on the bike.

6. Television has started up again, and that's Family Time. We have Agents of SHIELD and Person of Interest tonight, plus an episode of Last Man Standing to catch up on from last week.

WELL. I guess I should get off the damb interwebs and get my ass in gear, huh.
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First off, many thanks to those who offered me congrats for winning the Salt City Steam Salty Dog Writing Contest! It means a lot that you guys are rooting for me. *gives all the hugs*

I have a lot on my writing plate today. I need:
  • a title for George and the Meerkats (no, I cannot call it "George and the Meerkats" because that is lamesauce)
  • once I have a title for George and the Meerkats, format it, read it over one more time, and ship it off to its first market
  • a couple of Shakespeare quotes for Ben to spout during the course of De-Wolfed Ben, because that's how the boy rolls
  • word-whacking on De-Wolfed Ben to drop it under 9K
  • to make a start on the rest of the outline for Angry Bitter Angel

    In addition to all that:
  • today is payday, so off to the bank we go
  • we are out of cherry vodka; this is an intolerable state of affairs, so I'll have to stop in at the liquor store
  • some of the groceries I normally get are cheaper at the grocery store than Walmart, so I'll swing by there on the way home
  • I'm being occasionally shanghaied into helping the Hubby with his Mustang project
  • laundry, whee

    And I want to go to a movie today before we get any farther behind.
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    In this case, I got to cross off "edit UFO story." It is edited, finished, and out the door.

    I also crossed off "write Fearful Symmetries" and "edit Fearful Symmetries," because I decided to send them CatFeet instead. And thus the Addiction Vamp outline got moved to the NaNo folder, and I also got to cross off "outline #4 for NaNo."

    So, now, I need three more outlines for NaNo, and a blurb for not!Iron Man. I have ideas for two of those outlines, and the blurb won't really be that difficult, although I should sit down and re-read Not!Iron Man just to refresh my memory on it. This will not be a hardship, as I love that story to itty-bitty pieces.

    It's nice to see more items crossed off than items I still need to do on that list. I'm not feeling quite so overwhelmed anymore.
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    Outline seven stories.
    Write two of them.
    Edit those and sub them to the anthologies they're for.
    Finish the edits on Unquiet Neighbors.
    Finish the edits on Eldritch Plumbing.
    Do a blurb for Not!Iron Man.
    Send that to another publisher.
    Crit for this story for my Writing Buddy. He needs it by tomorrow; I'm planning on finishing today.

    If I actually finish all that, maybe do a third story. Maybe.

    In between all that, flip rejected stories as they come in.

    If When I write these two stories, I'll have a good 70,000 words on the year. So far.

    I'm actually pretty damn pleased with myself, but I'm a little overwhelmed by that list. Fortunately, Ghost Ship is mostly outlined and about half-written, so there's that, at least.

    And that's just the writing checklist. AUGH.
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    I have:

    Organized my story folders in my file cabinet, and made one for Zombunnies
    Edited Unquiet Neighbors, and posted it for the Usual Suspects
    Revamped my submissions spreadsheet so it makes more sense

    What's left:

    Brainstorm the Inner Workings story for On the Premises
    Retroactively outline Ghost Ship and brainstorm that so it stops sucking
    Edit the Janni story some more
    Sub the stories that have been rejected:
    • Framed Werewolf
    • Sold Soul
    • not!Iron Man (good luck here, length is problematic)--OKAY, I have a place to send it, but have to wait a week.
    • Bunny From Hell
    • Giant Bugs

    But I think I'll save that for tomorrow.


    May. 25th, 2009 02:36 pm
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    I've knocked about half most ALL of my to-do list off.

  • kitchen
  • downstairs bath
  • boy bath
  • master bath
  • dust the front room
  • comic book pile
  • basement (this may not get done, because damn) YAY!
  • vacuum stairs
  • dining room
  • bird feeders
  • pay bills

    You know, if I could actually think about the novelthing while I was doing this, it would help. *growl* You'd think that mindless housework would be good for that.

    ETA: OMG, y'all, my shoulders ache.

    Yeah, really not sure the basement is going to get done today... HAH.

  • Oy.

    May. 25th, 2009 02:36 pm
    agilebrit: (Don't make me beat you in the name of gr)
    I've knocked about half most ALL of my to-do list off.

  • kitchen
  • downstairs bath
  • boy bath
  • master bath
  • dust the front room
  • comic book pile
  • basement (this may not get done, because damn) YAY!
  • vacuum stairs
  • dining room
  • bird feeders
  • pay bills

    You know, if I could actually think about the novelthing while I was doing this, it would help. *growl* You'd think that mindless housework would be good for that.

    ETA: OMG, y'all, my shoulders ache.

    Yeah, really not sure the basement is going to get done today... HAH.

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    Here we go.

    First order of business: Print out the not!Iron Man story to send to F&SF. (in progress--76 pages will take awhile) Done. I need a bigger envelope. Whee.

    Next order of business: Go over my spreadsheet and figure out what else needs to go where. Also, somewhere in there, I need to start hunting reprint markets for the DragonFic, because it's been quite long enough and it's one of my favorite stories and I'd really like to get paid for it again.
  • BeagleFic off to IGMS
  • ArtFic
  • CatFeet
  • Abducted!Werewolf (note to self: change main character's name)
  • BearFic
  • Giant Bugs
  • Bunny From Hell
  • Gargoyles -- inquiry sent
  • not!Iron Man off to F&SF

    Next: Figure out if I sent the ArtFic to Analog or not. I swear I did, but I could be mistaken, because it's not on my spreadsheet, so I'm going to dive into the Pile o' Doom and see what I can dig out of it. I have dug into the Pile o' Doom and don't see anything in there. I may hold off on that one in any case, because the Pile o' Doom needs to be dug into more thoroughly (hey, there, pair of library DVDs I thought I'd lost and paid for!).

    Also: Poke through my gmail account and see if I heard from these two markets on two stories that are (supposedly) still out, and either update my spreadsheet or make inquiries. One inquiry made, one story rejected that didn't make it onto the spreadsheet.

    Organized? Moi? 'Tis but an illusion.

    In between all that, I have to do laundry DONE!, vacuum, bike, make food for my hungry brood, do school with Da Boy, run the dishwasher, hit the comic book store and the post office, re-write my cover letter, crit the thing my Writing Buddy gave me last week, print out the new scene I wrote this week...


    However, you know what's nice to see on that spreadsheet? Four green bars, indicating stories that I sold. Yeah. That's nice.
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